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Ampak unveils new line of encapsulated ingredients for baking

Specialty ingredients supplier Ampak Company is to unveil a range of encapsulated products for the baking industry, through a partnership with Sudeep, one of its leading suppliers. The new line of encapsulated ingredients expands on the wide range of high-quality bakery products already offered by Ampak, including emulsifiers, specialty sugars, hydrocolloids and powdered fats, which provide multiple solutions for the manufacturers of baked goods. Explores the new bakery range and talks trends with Ampak President, Amarish Parikh.

“Encapsulated ingredients used in processing can enhance the overall quality of baked goods by promoting large volume and improved stability in finished applications,” Parikh says.

“These types of ingredients can also help expand on important factors such as dough’s strength and workability. Enzymes that advance the formation of protein networks in dough have a positive effect on uniform crumb structure and texture and can improve shelf life.”

The product additions will offer even more options for functions such as increasing volume, improving texture and lowering acidity. Microencapsulation also helps to stabilize core nutrients.

“The encapsulated ingredients are carefully engineered to meet the challenges faced by modern bakeries, enabling our commercial specialists to provide customized baking solutions,” adds Parikh.

The line includes encapsulated ingredients such as ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, calcium propionate, fumaric acid, sorbic acid, citric acid and malic acid. All the ingredients used in the manufacturing process are strictly non-GMO. These products are extremely functional as leavening agents, flavor enhancers, preservatives and acidulants for multiple bakery applications.

What’s driving bakery innovation?
Speaking about the biggest trends driving advancements in bakery, Parikh notes how health and wellness, convenience and sustainability are all key. “Manufacturers of baked goods are adapting to the trend of consumers trying to avoid carbohydrates and sugar by including better-for-you ingredients in their bakery applications. Bakers are reinventing classic recipes to meet the demands of the health-conscious consumers,” he notes.

Bakers are moving toward a more sustainable and responsible way of baking. “The growing demand for healthy substitutes has resulted in a shift toward plant-based baking, using butter and egg substitutes. A related trend is the exploration of alternative flours such as buckwheat, spelt, rice and coconut flours. Bakers are adding additional richness to their baking with alternative dairy options, such as curd and mascarpone,” Parikh concludes.

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